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  • Can you clarify or give updated guidance on the sale of properly-deaccessioned items in the museum store? My understanding in the past was that this was considered unethical. When I check the Museum Store Association’s Code of Ethics, however, the newest version only says, “We adhere to institutional policies regarding proper disposal of deaccessioned materials.” I’ve emailed and called the MSA for clarification but have received no response. We have never sold deaccessioned material in our store before, for the reason the MSA previously cited about the possible perception that the store is liquidating part of the museum collection–but some of our board members have begun strongly suggesting that we do so. The region we serve has many “new to museums” community members, and I feel that selling deaccessioned material in the store may further muddy the waters about what museums do. But I don’t want to be relying on outdated policy if this is no longer frowned upon. Thank you for any guidance or other resources you can provide.

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