4 thoughts on “The Story Behind ‘Woman in Gold’: Nazi Art Thieves and One Painting’s Return

  • Tiffany Kevek

    The lack of ethics with these stolen art pieces is ridiculous. There is obviously proof of ownership in this situation, yet it is extremely difficult to right the situation and return the art to the rightful owner. I’m not entirely sure this controversial situation is based on money or just the complete lack of being able to compromise because a country cannot admit its faults. Its disgusting that the leaders there find this behavior acceptable.

  • I’m glad that “some” efforts have been made to return a few of the recovered pieces to it’s rightful owner, but why does it have to be so difficult? In this day and age they are able to get all the information possible about a painting but even when the they know who the rightful owners are they make it so difficult for the family to retrieve the art pieces. This I believe is not so much about the history of the art work, but as everything else in this world is about “money” rather than what is the “right” thing to do, in which would be to return all recovered stolen art work to the rightful owners.

  • I find it kind of sad and unethical that these paintings can not be return to the rightful owners. I know its hard to actually prove who is the owner because so much time has passed and the original owner is dead but there should be more that could be done to fix that.

  • While I understand that it may be hard to prove the ownership of paintings before they were stolen so many years ago, I can’t believe more can’t be done to return the paintings/works of art, to the families of those who owned them. To defend the museums as having more to lose if they are returned than the families who originally owned then is absurd. More needs to be done to ensure the return of as much of the art as possible, and those institutions that aid in the process should be applauded. People also need to know which institutions are hindering the process.

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