Trump Administration Is Moving National Archives Out Of Seattle. Native Americans Are Furious

“The U.S. government made us paper Indians — our ancestors are here,” Jack proclaimed last week at Sand Point. To close and remove the archives is to physically remove the ancestors (word is the contents of these warehouses would probably be transferred to facilities thousands of miles away in Missouri and in Southern California). – […]

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The National Archives Blurred A Historic, And Historical, Photograph Of The Women’s March To Blur Anti-Trump Signs

They did what? Yes. They digitally blurred the photo before it went on display in the nation’s capital. To quote one strong tweet about it, “This is some weird Soviet shit right here.” And to quote the Post itself, after the Archives apologized and took down the image: “In their initial weak defense, Archives officials […]

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Audiences Are Choosing ‘Immersive Experiences’ Over Looking At Objects In Museums. How Will The Art Business Handle This?

“Performance and installation pieces are now the preferred media of just such moments at biennials and museum shows. For the second edition in a row, the top prize for a national pavilion at the Venice Biennale was won by a performance. … But where does all this leave the commercial art world?

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