Planned Holocaust Museum At Babi Yar Bogged Down In Ukraine’s Political Battles

The Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center would be the first dedicated Holocaust museum in the former Soviet Union. “Yet some in Ukraine question whether there is a need for a Holocaust memorial at Babi Yar, and not a few of the politically charged arguments that opponents are employing seem to be aimed squarely at making […]

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Thailand Drops Lèse-Majesté Charge Against Historian For Lecture About 16th-Century King

“Prosecutors decided not to pursue their case against [84-year-old] Sulak Sivaraksa, who was charged in October under Thailand’s controversial lèse-majesté law against defaming, insulting or threatening the royal family. The charges were connected to a 2014 university lecture, during which Sulak … questioned whether [16th-century] King Naresuan had in fact slain a Burmese crown prince […]

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