Museum Director Doubles Attendance, Events, And Donations Within A Year – And Board Fires Her

Tiffany Wai-Ying Beres took over the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum from its founder last year and racked up success after success. Then she was sacked by the board, whose attorney says, “She was fired because she was a destructive, uncaring insensitive employee who has retaliated with false allegations against the longtime management of the […]

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Hindu Extremists Now Want To Wipe The Taj Mahal From India’s History (To This We’ve Come)

“In past months, religious nationalists in the Hindu-majority country have stepped up a campaign to push the four-century-old Mughal monument to the margins of Indian history. One legislator recently kicked up a national storm when he labelled the tomb ‘a blot’. Resentment at the fact the country’s most recognisable monument was built by a Muslim […]

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