San Francisco Removes A Statue Of A Native Man Lying At The Feet Of A Missionary

The statue was near City Hall, part of the Pioneer Monument that was put up in 1894 – and which Native peoples in and near the city have been protesting for decades. There’s a lawsuit, of course, but the city didn’t destroy the statue; workers moved it into storage. “After the truck carrying the statue […]

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Who Should Store Confederate Monuments After They Come Down?

That all depends on the lawsuits – and the museums. “‘Truth is, we absolutely could not take them,’ says Christy Coleman, CEO of the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, Va. Coleman often receives calls from cities hoping to find homes for their Confederate monuments. ‘The biggest reason, I’d say, that museums aren’t able to […]

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Controversial Statue Of Stephen Foster In Pittsburgh Comes Down

“The move followed an October decision by the Pittsburgh Art Commission, which found that the statue should be removed within six months and hosted in a private, ‘properly contextualized’ location. Many residents have held that the sculpture – showing a shoeless African-American banjo player seated at the famed composer’s feet – is condescending or outright […]

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