2 thoughts on “NYTimes: Zuni Ask Europe to Return Sacred Art

  • Jessica Maki

    I can see both sides of this debate. The Zuni people feel that they were stole from and want their sacred belongings back. At the same time, the museums bought these items to represent the history of culture and a huge piece of that would be missing if they were to return the item. It may also send an unwanted signal to others regarding the claim and return to other objects within the museum. I feel as though the museum should have known about the Ahayuda before ever allowing it in their display. They should have known it was important to the Zuni people and the meaning behind it and should have never accepted the piece in the first place. I feel for both sides and find it really hard to decide which side to take in this debate.

  • Karen Eisenberger

    I hope the Zuni people are successful in their discussions with these museums and get their property back. It is a sensitive issue for the world to understand its many cultures but also be respectful to that culture and its property and heritage.

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