4 thoughts on “Reckless: In Pursuit of Shiva, the National Gallery of Australia Ignored the Advice of Its Attorney

  • Charlotte Sadowski

    There’s no point in asking for help then not taking it. They really need to question art dealers nowadays because you do not know if it was stolen. Art is a big deal through out history for every cultural.

  • Karen Eisenberger

    The whole thing is questionable from the beginning. The NGA should evaluate their policies and their sources. Why even ask for legal advice if you aren’t going to take it? This was a waste of time and money, with the NGA’s reputation as the end result.

  • Brandy Olmsted

    It get’s a person wondering. Large state and national galleries might easily be fooled by faked up art, but they need not be fooled by stolen art. Maybe had they followed the steps they were to suppose to, they may not have put themselves in this position.

  • Scott Redford

    I wondered who these American Friends of the NGA were. Now we see than as a front for greasing the wheels of access to selling stolen artefacts! I just don’t get it. Should Ron Radford be charged for something here? As an Australian citizen and Australian artist I want more action against these arrogant museum people. We are talking about millions of dollars that could have gone to purchases of art by living Australian artists. Now it’s all wasted, the NGA will never get the millions back for the Shiva, let alone the 21 others. The art world in Australia just sits by and let’s this happen. Why? Well they are all in government jobs and let everything happen. I myself had the NGA buy a totally remade artwork of mine on the secondary market. They didn’t even bothered to tell. They tried to out it in a show at the Royal Academy, London. The when I went public they promptly told the press I was lying and THEY considered the work legitimate! They used trumpeted up ‘evidence’ from the gallery who remade it as well. A gallery they buy regularly from. The NGA also published the ‘work’ on their website with absolutely NO COPYRIGHT agreement. And this is meant to be ethics! I’m sorry I just don’t get it. The absolute arrogance of these people is breathtaking. The Four Corners episode was damning, absolutely damning but there they all sit still in their jobs, lording it over artists. Who could trust a Museum person after this? Really.

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