5 thoughts on “Fight Rages in Norway over Sale of Barbara Hepworth Sculpture

  • Although I see how the museum needs to find ways to make money to be able to stay open I think it’s unethical of them to sell the sculpture. As Megan states this is a short term plan. What happens after this money runs out? I think they need to come up with a better plan as to how they can make money and continue to make it in order to keep the museum open long term.

  • Jessica Maki

    I completely agree with Megan and Kendall. The museum needs a long term plan as to what the money will be used for going forward and an agreement to keep the museum open. As stated, the amount of money from the sale will generously outweigh the financial state at the moment, so a clear lining of where the rest of the money is going will be needed. I do not see a point of having the piece there if the museum closes, but on the other hand if it stays open, the piece will remain important. I think they should look at other options before committing to the selling of this piece. There’s got to be an alternate solution.

  • I completely agree that the museum, like any other successful business, should come up with a long term plan to save the museum. It would be sad for the community to see the doors of the museum close but they need to think smart financially long term.

  • Keeping the artwork will only help the museum short-term, like Megan already said. I

  • I can definitely understand both sides to this argument. On the one hand, The museum needs to stay open in order to display the sculpture; however, on the other hand, how long will this financial help keep the museum open. I think that in order to save the museum, they need to show how they will keep the museum open in the future. It needs to be beneficial to the community to sell the artwork. I don’t think that keeping the artwork will be all that beneficial, especially if the museum closes. In order to appease those in the community, I think the museum needs to come forward with a long term plan to save the museum.

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