5 thoughts on “New Trove of Nazi Looted Artworks Found in German Museum

  • Brandy Olmsted

    Just think, this is just one museum who found this with an audit. How many museums may not even audit, or audit correctly. How many pieces of artwork may continue to be missing and never returned to the rightful owners. The list could be huge. You would think the government would have some sort of required audit process which they may , but within the hands of these museums and is instead chosen to be ignored. It’s sad really.

  • Karen Eisenberger

    I’m glad that the stolen art was finally identified after all this time and hope that the museum can return these pieces back to the families to which these were taken from. It is a terrible fate that these works are submitted to in times of war. It probably still goes on today and it is not right, but neither is war. As a civilized world, we need to find civilized solutions.

  • I wonder if any of the lost art will be returned to the actual owners or the heirs with proof of ownership from their side? I do hope that a valid attempt will be made to try and locate the rightful owners of the art.

    Audits are great you find mistakes like these lost pieces of art and hopefully they make it back, but how much doesn’t make it back?

  • Thinking back to the many wars and unrest amongst the different countries in the world, it is amazing to think about how many works of art were created and lost. Art is stolen every day, and some of these pieces of art are never found. It is interesting to see these pieces of artwork find their way back to their owners. This is absolutely the right thing to do, and I hope other museums try to achieve this same goal.

  • I think it will be very interesting to see over the next few years to see how many art pieces are returned to the families from which they were taken. Are other museums undergoing the same type of audit? Was this audit mandated by someone or was it something the museum chose to do on its own?

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