4 thoughts on “Seeing a Cash Cow in Museums' Precious Art

  • Tiffany Kevek

    I am struggling to understand how the governments expect the museums to cover their debts by selling the art pieces. I find it completely wrong that invaluable pieces have been sold to cover gaps in debt and to fund something as ridiculous as a casino. What is guaranteed of the irreplaceable pieces that are sold? They belong where anyone and everyone can enjoy them, not in someone’s personal collection because the government cannot budget appropriately.

  • Charlotte Sadowski

    No one should sell artwork to take care of the Government, if anything they should be looking into it rather than trying to pay off the debts. Its not fair to the country to sell artwork that has shaped History. That’s a big no, what will our children learn from. Its bad enough that everything is now using technology, its just pushing the idea more. Our debt will still be there even after the artwork is gone. What are they going to do next?

  • I agree with Jessica! I can’t believe they would look at selling art with this much importance as even an option. They need to find other options on how to pay off the debt. You shouldn’t be taking it away from the public just to pay off your debts!

  • Jessica Maki

    I do not believe it’s ethical to sell artwork to cover a government debt. Officials should be investigating the cause of the growing debt and seeking other options. It’s not fair to go after pieces of important history as means to cover ignorant decisions. What will be there next option after all art work is gone and debt is still there? A contingency plan needs to be created when borrowing money. A back up as to what is to be done if things don’t go as planned. If this continues, what will be left at the museums of art? Nothing. Nothing for the public to see, learn from, or honor. All because we couldn’t come up with a better plan of action to cease government debt that will never go away if it keeps growing at the rapid pace it is.

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